Case Study: Pump refurbishment and coating

Refurbishment and coating of a five-stage p10 accelerator pump.


Major oil & gas operator.

Application Date

August 2007.

Scope Of Work

Pump received in parts, following strip and wash to remove LSA scale.
Wetted areas pre and post-machined.
Coated using Corroglass 600 Series.
Assembled and checked for free rotation.
Pressure tested at 80 psi for 30 minutes.


Corroglass 600 series.
Plasmet ZF.
Corrothane AP1.


Cast steel.

Internal Coating system

Grit blasted internally to ISO 8501- Cleanliness Standard
SA 21/2.
Coated internally using Corroglass 600 Series to a
minimum 1.25mm DFT.
Thickness checked. Spark tested at 16kv.

External coating system

Grit blasted externally to ISO 8501-1 – Cleanliness
Standard SA 2.
Applied two coats of Plasmet ZF with a topcoat of
Corrothane AP1

Inspection report

Pump was received in parts following strip and wash to
remove LSA. Drawings and instructions regarding
reassembly were not available. Following several trial
assemblies, Corrocoat’s engineering team were able to
identify the mode of operation for the pump.


Left: Pump impellers.
Middle: The five stage pump casing.
Right: Assembled pump.