Case Study: 10” / 12” horizontal split case pump – CC046


Viking Pumps Limited.

Application Date

September 2002.

Scope Of Work

Refurbishment and coating of 10”/12” horizontal split
casing (HSC) pump circulating water at ambient


Corroglass 600 Series.


Cast iron.

Application method

Grit blasted internally to ISO 8501-1 cleanliness
standard SA 21/2.
• Grit blasted externally to ISO 8501-1 cleanliness
standard SA 2.
• Applied internally Corroglass 600 Series to achieve a
minimum dft of 1.5mm. Spark Tested and Thickness
Checked at 19kv.
• Applied externally one coat of Universal Primer.

Coating credentials

Corroglass 600 Series. A series of three coatings
formulated with glass flake and top grade vinyl ester
resin with a low monomer content, Corroglass 600
Series coatings offer outstanding resistance to solvent
attack and chemical attack, as well as being suitable for
more general use such as demineralized water, distilled
water and sea water applications.


Left: Pump during rebating.
Middle: Pump during coating
Right: Pump on assembly
Inset: Pump ready for dispatch