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Plasmet ZF Aerosol
The same surface tolerant barrier coating, offered with a new delivery method.  Now in an Aerosol – Mix & Go, It’s That Easy!

An Aerosol delivered, surface tolerant epoxy coating compound incorporating a rust inhibitor and passivator, with MIO and Glass Flake for increased protection.

  • Surface tolerant corrosion protection 
  • Minimal surface preparation 
  • Contains rust inhibitor 
  • Ideal where grit blasting is not feasible 
  • No tools or clean up required 
  • Use up to 24 hours after first mix
  • Glass flake content provides excellent moisture vapor barrier 
  • Tough, and durable, tolerant of vehicular traffic 
  • Three extra nozzles for ease of application 

Plasmet ZF aerosol deserves to have a place in every service engineer’s tool bag – giving effective corrosion protection… in an instant. 

Each can includes approximately 133 ml of coating – enough to cover about 4 sf at 6-8 mils wft.  The Base and Activator of the epoxy coating are mixed via pilling a pin, which controls a lever connected to a blade inside the can that turns to cut a bag that holds the activator amidst the base.  The applicator must then shake the can for 5 minutes to ensure proper mixing.  Once mixed, it can be used for 24 hours.  Each case are supplied with extra tips to allow for intermittent application of a given can.