How to Specify a Paint or Coating

In this video, we discuss the methods used to specify a paint or a coating, highlighting the advantage of performance based specifications over feature based specifications. 

Correct Spray Application and Techniques

This video shows the proper techniques for spray application of thick film, glass flake reinforced Vinyl Ester, Polyester and Epoxy Coatings. 

Accelerated Testing

This video describes in detail the purpose, methods, benefits and dangers of working with accelerated testing to evaluate a new coating solution. 

Cold Wall Effect and the Atlas Cell Test

In this video, the phenomenon called The Cold Wall effect is explained in detail. In addtion, the Atlas Cell Test is explained. 

Anti-Corrosion Technology for Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, and Power Generation

In this video, we show a more general introduction to Corrocoat and our glass flake reinforced barrier coating technology. 

Cathodic Disbondment Testing

In this video, Corrocoat technical services engineer Mike Platt teaches about the cathodic disbondment of coatings and the process with testing for a coating’s abilty to resist cathodic disbondment where cathodic protections is also used on a coated or lined asset.  

Abrasion Test and Wearing

In this video, we discuss the abrasion and methods to test protective coatings to determine how abrasion resistant the given coatings or lining may be.