Oil & Gas

Corrocoat products are used and specified by many multi-national oil & gas companies. From advanced glass flake linings to traditional preventative paints, our solutions are chosen because they offer high-quality results.

Excellent performance combined with long-term reassurance – the most cost-effective way to safeguard your metals and mechanics.

Within our comprehensive range you’ll find the specified choice for pipes, vessels and other equipment crucial to the oil extraction process.

Photo: Internal Lining of 6 inch diameter Produced Water Pipe Spools

  • Polyglass VE Lining system, internally lined by Corrocoat USA
  • Service environment includes 200 F design temperature, 60,000 ppm chlorides, sand and chemicals associated with offshore produced water.

Some of the components we coat in this sector include:

  • Multistage seawater pumps
  • Caisson pipework
  • Strainer vessels
  • Waterboxes
  • Scrubbing towers
  • Sub-sea structures
  • Oil/water separators
  • Deaerator vessels
  • Pig catchers
  • End covers
  • Seawater holding tanks
  • Dump lines
  • Effluent degasser vessels
  • Filter vessels
  • Filter separators
  • Splash zone steelwork
  • Riser pipes
  • Tank floors
  • Produced water tanks
  • Fuel gas scrubbers
  • Concrete floors

Oil & Gas Case Studies

US105: Refurbishment of Main Oil Cooler

A cooler water box cover has suffered serious corrosion damage to a point where it would be considered beyond repair for most companies, without the established refurbishment expertise of Corrocoat.

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US111: Scraper Trap Sour Crude

A newly fabricated 8/10” scraper trap required specialist protection against corrosion before entering service. The trap was due to be installed at an oil refinery and would experience constant exposure to sour crude oil.

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US112: Knock Out Pot

A newly fabricated knock out drum due to be installed at the an oil refinery required protection for service in an aggressive environment. Also known as flash drum or break pot, a knock out vessel is used in many industrial applications to separate a vapor–liquid mixture. Commonly
gravity is employed to cause any liquid to settle at the bottom of the vessel where it can be withdrawn.

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US115: Finished Methanol Storage Tank

A planned inspection of a finished methanol storage tank at an onshore facility had found corrosion issues both internally and externally.

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US123: Seawater Filtration Vessel

A coarse seawater filtration vessel required protection against constant exposure to corrosive seawater when in service on an offshore oil platform. Corrocoat had coated a sister vessel 2 years previously and the client was so impressed with it’s performance in service that they specified the same level of protection for this vessel.

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