Crushed Glass Abrasive

Corrocoat USA is the exclusive distributor for crushed glass blasting abrasives by Tru Abrasives for Northeast Florida and South Georgia; serving greater Savannah, Georgia, south through Jacksonville to Daytona Beach, Florida and west to Lake City, Florida and Valdosta, Georgia

Crushed glass abrasive is economical, environmentally inert, available in a variety of grit sizes and can achieve virtually all required angular, anchor profiles.  Cost savings benefits are derived from increased visibility for the blaster, increased hardness for greater impact, reduced compressed air requirements, reduced grit consumption and 10-15% increase in productivity, compared to blasting with coal slag abrasive.

TRU Abrasive is made by Strategic Materials from 100% recycled glass. It is an inert abrasive that is recommended by NIOSH and OSHA as a substitute for slag and mineral abrasives. It contains no heavy metals, no free silica, and is therefore great for blasting projects where it is impractical to recover lost or spilled spent abrasive.


Benefits of Glass Blast Abrasives

  1. Efficiently cleans steel, aluminum, wood, concrete, stone, and fiberglass substrates.
  2. Glass Blast will leave a clean, bright finish to metal surfaces allowing for greater visibility for the blaster and a surface that is much easier to inspect, relative to darker materials which leave behind a dark, grey tint created by their respective impregnated residue.
  3. Excellent for achieving an aggressive, angular profile for coatings, ranging in sizes of 0.5– 4.5 mils profile depth.
  4. Glass delivers very low particle embedment (less than 2%) which produces a whiter (SP-10) finish to the substrate.
  5. Lighter weight than most abrasives. Contractors report back that they use at least 25% less abrasive when using glass v. mineral slags.
  6. SAFE – no free silica, is chemically inert and non-toxic.
  7. Environmentally friendly – can be used to open air blast around navigable water. CARB & QPL approved at select plants. 
  8. Great for thick, softer coatings because it is a lighter weight abrasive. It does not “bounce” back off the surface.
  9. Sustainable / Green blasting solution. It is 100% recycled post-consumer bottle glass.

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