Protecting Against Corrosion

Concrete deterioration is attributable to many factors. These include abrasion, impact, erosion, cavitation, cracking and shrinkage. All of these processes have a physically damaging effect on concrete, opening up the matrix for chemical attack leading to corrosion of the steel reinforcement. 

 COMPOSITE STRUCTURAL REPAIR Composite structural repairs to concrete floors and structures eliminates need for replacement.

BUND AREAS AND PLINTHS Reprofiled, coated and protected.

SPECIALIST PRIMERS Primers for concrete surfaces that are alkali, damp or when moisture level is approaching saturation point.

POLYMER CONCRETE AND SCREEDS Screeding existing concrete.

PROTECTIVE FLOOR COATINGS Full range of specialist protective floor coatings.

CONCRETE PAINT AND SEALER Can be used in areas subject to vehicular traffic.

CHEMICAL RESISTANT COATINGS Protection of factory floors and production areas . High gloss finish allows easy cleaning.



Additional capabilities include jointing concrete to steel, sealing pipe joints, injection and a full range of lamination and composite techniques developed to meet the needs of specific applications within industry worldwide.