With over 30 years of manufacturing anti-corrosion products for the petrochemical and chemical industry, Corrocoat is vastly experienced in this sector. In particular, our glass flake coatings have been specifically designed for use on the many kinds of petrochemical plants. These high-grade coatings provide levels of chemical, temperature and erosion resistance that are simply unrivalled – making them one of our most sought-after products.

It all adds up to cost-effective and long-term value-for-money for our customers. When it comes to protecting bespoke engineering and machinery, Corrocoat is the name to trust.


Photo: Ammonia to Urea Blowdown Tank Secondary Containment Lining
Lined with Polyglass VEF Lining; top coated with Polyglass VEFWR in walking path for impact resistant, chemically resistant, non-skid surface.

Typical petrochemical components that we treat include:

  • Pipework
  • Structual steelwork
  • Waterboxes
  • Acid picking tanks
  • Road tanker barrels
  • Pumps
  • Process vessels
  • Storage tanks
  • Filters
  • Pulp tanks
  • Valves
  • Effluent plant
  • Galvanisation dipping tanks
  • Underground fuel tanks
  • Sodium sulphate tanks
  • CW systems
  • Heat exchangers
  • Concrete bunds
  • Scrubbing towers
  • Chlorine dioxide tank floors

Petrochemical Case Studies

US107: Pump Casing and Impeller

A pump operating in a highly aggressive chemical environment was found to be suffering from serious corrosion and abrasion damage. Corrosion/erosion was evident on the impellers and impeller shroud.

After the machined surfaces were masked up the wetted areas were blasted to the required cleanliness standard. This was followed by a blown down, sweep and vacuuming to ensure the removal of all debris before coating work could begin.

Click to read more. 

US110: ISO Tank Lamination and Coating

An ISO tank used to transport chemicals required a program of refurbishment and the application of a
protective coating system to extend its service life. Click to read more. 

US114: 50% Sulfuric Acid

A chemical mixing tank processing 50% sulfuric acid required protection against chemical attack. Click to read more. 

US120: Reflux Tank Dished Ends

The tank dished ends of a reflux tank required refurbishment and protective coating against an aggressive chemical environment in the pesticides
and herbicides manufacturing sector.

A reflux tank’s purpose is to thermally accelerate a reaction by conducting it at an elevated, controlled temperature and ambient pressure without losing large quantities of the mixture. Click to read more. 

US124: Refurbishment of Chemicals Vessel and Lid

A chemicals processing vessel and lid used in the manufacture of potassium bromate required a program of refurbishment and lining with a
suitable protective coating. The lid of the vessel had 10 access/sampling ports that all required preparation and coating. Click to read more

US121: Protection Against Sulfuric Acid

A tank, designed to enter service as an arsenic scrubber tank would be subject to 36% sulfuric acid (which would dilute in the scrubber process) at
operating temperatures up to 1750F. Click to read more.