Water & Waste

For over 40 years, Corrocoat has successfully completed projects for nearly all the major UK water companies.

With such a rich heritage in this industry, we can offer both expert advice and high-grade coatings. Whether it’s erosion, corrosion, chemical attacks or mechanical damage, Corrocoat can provide long-term protection for all kinds of components.

Our Fluiglide system is a prime example. It’s been researched and developed to improve pump efficiency and therefore reduce energy costs, saving huge sums of money for businesses working in water & waste.

 Photo: Plasmet AR3 Lining System to refurbish and protect concrete against 98% Sulfuric Acid; near a pump base at a wastewater plant.

Coating System: Corrocoat Epoxy Polymer Concrete to restore floor to original grade; applied at 1/2 inch to 3 inches deep
Plasmet AR3 Acid Resistant Lining applied at 60 mils dft.

Common components treated in this field include:

  • Pumps
  • Foot bridges
  • Primary settlement tanks
  • Final settlement tanks
  • Alum tanks (internals)
  • Headworks Structure Painting
  • Vertical Pump Impellors
  • Valves
  • Pipe bridges
  • Storm tanks
  • Sludge holding tanks
  • Incinerator effluent tanks
  • Sulfuric Acid Tank Lining
  • Pipework
  • Piling
  • Circas
  • Concrete settlement tanks
  • Composite Pipe Refurbishment
  • Water treatment tanks
  • Flash mixers
  • Rectas
  • Mixing bed repairs

Water & Waste Case Studies

US108: HSC Pump Casing Fluiglide

An HSC pump required a program of refurbishment, the client had asked Corrocoat to recommend a coating that could improve the efficiency of the pump in operation.

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US116: Protection Against Sulfuric Acid

Two newly fabricated acid tanks for the water treatment sector required protection before entering service holding 96% sulfuric acid. Click to read more. 


D 7ft x H 12ft, 2ft Manway, 5 Nozzles

US122: Abrasion Damaged Pipe-spools

Numerous pipe-spools in an anaerobic digester feed system had suffered severe abrasion due to the nature of the material carried. This material had caused damage to all the internal surfaces and had burst through flange necks. Click to read more. 

US123: Seawater Filtration Vessel

A coarse seawater filtration vessel required protection against constant exposure to corrosive seawater when in service on an offshore oil platform.  Corrocoat had coated a sister vessel 2 years previously and the client was so impressed with it’s performance in service that they specified the same level of protection for this vessel.

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US124: Refurbishment of Chemicals Vessel and Lid

A chemicals processing vessel and lid used in the manufacture of potassium bromate required a program of refurbishment and lining with a suitable protective coating. The lid of the vessel had 10 access/sampling ports that all required preparation and coating. Click to read more.