Corrocoat Material Supply Quantity Estimation

Estimated Quantity Calculator

Fill in the following information to estimate the practical amount of coating needed for your project.
*estimated quantities include for shrinkage, line loss plus 20% additional


  1. The estimated quantities include for the practical coverage rate of each coating at a given thickness; included considerations are shrinkage, line/mixing loss, solvent evaporation (where applicable), plus 20% additional waste.
  2. As with all estimating, use sound logic, take good notes of your logic, learn from experience, rinse, repeat, get better each time.
  3. A good resource for calculation of the surface area of different shapes is available here.
  4. Generally, it is best practice to contact Corrocoat USA to correspond regarding the service environment, allowable surface preparation at the project site, safety considerations and other site specific details that may be relevant to creating a successful protective coating application.