At Jaxport, corrosion on our cranes was a growing concern. Our paint department met with different consultants and tried different materials, but most repairs repeatedly failed within a year. 

Corrocoat’s consultant worked with our crew for a day preparing an area and applying material.  Afterward, they helped us gain a better understanding of the how’s and why’s behind our past coating failures and shared the instructions and documentations they provide their own application crews for similar projects.  

Jaxport is now making gains in our fight with corrosion while improving the quality of work and moral within our paint department.

Mike Becker

Assistant Director, Equipment, Jaxport, Jacksonville, FL

We have been using Corrocoat for the past eight years to reline our FGD system as well as the balance of plant. The
technology paired with effective specifications and coating application make Corrocoat the ideal source for mitigation of
Corrosion in a coal fired power plant.
Steve Sanczel

Coating Inspector, Seminole Electric Cooperative, Inc.

I have worked with this company multiple times and have transformed multiple plants over a few years.  There is no comparison of their engineered approach to long term solutions vs painting.  They evaluate the process, scope out the individual job with correct preparation and application in order to provide 10-20 years of protection rather than just a few years.

Frank Upton

Asset Manager, Americas - Nouryon