Quick Data

US127: Acid Dip Tank

Polyglass VEF for Plant specializing in E-Coating*

Client: Manufacturing Plant

Application Date: August 2010

Substrate: Carbon Steel

Scope of work
The purpose of this tank is to prepare the surface of industrial equipment for painting in a process known
as Electro Coating or E-coating*. The plant achieves the surface preparation via acid etching of industrial
equipment prior to progressing through the e-coat line in a solution containing 10% HCI (hydrochloric
acid) at a normal operating temperature of 180F (80°C), agitated by air injection at the bottom of the
tank. Historically, the tank was lined with rubber. The client experienced significant maintenance costs as
they were chasing leaks in the rubber every weekend, thereby reducing the amount of components they
were allowed to E-coat and increasing their maintenance budget due to extensive and repetitive rubber repairs.

Coating System

We worked with a local sub-contractor to perform the abrasive blasting to the tank and then sent a three-man crew out to install the Polyglass VEF lining system for two tanks in three consecutive days. This includes a full QAQC regime and a spark test of the system to ensure that it was free of pinholes and defects. The benefits of the Polyglass VEF lining system relative to the rubber provide a lining system that is less susceptible to tears or rips, in addition to being more reliable as the customer can easily identify any mechanical damage and fix it themselves as needed, using Polyglass VEHA repair kits and our procedure for in situ repairs of existing Vinyl Ester linings.

–  Polyglass VEF – spray applied at 40 mils dft.