Case Study: CC049: Butterfly valves
Manufacture of between 48” and 132” cw butterfly valves.


Power generation.

Application Date


Scope Of Work

Corrocoat was awarded a major contract for the supply of a large number of butterfly valves, with diameters between 48” and 132”. Manufactured with cast and fabricated steel. Using Corrocoat 600 series to protect against corrosion/erosion.



Cast iron and cast steel.

Coating system

Procure castings TO Corrocoat design specs.
• Machine and pressure test.
• Grit blast to SA 21/2 and coat with 600 series.
• Assemble valve.
• Pressure test.
• Function test.

Coating credentials

Corrocoat can draw on many years’ experience of
manufacture and also refurbishment of large bore
butterfly valves. On this contract a short delivery time
was essential, to meet the customers’ requirements
and all 16 valves were procured and completed within
6 months. A deadline not achievable at the time using
any other supplier, contacted by the company.
Corrocoat is one of the few companies able to design,
manufacture and protect large bore CW valves.


Left: 1.6M NB cast iron valve body.
Middle: Machined and coated.
Right: Valve assembled and fully tested.