US124: Refurbishment of Chemicals Vessel and Lid

A chemicals processing vessel and lid used in the
manufacture of potassium bromate required a
programme of refurbishment and lining with a
suitable protective coating. The lid of the vessel
had 10 access/sampling ports that all required
preparation and coating.

As a first step the vessel and lid were abrasive
blasted, both internally and externally, to achieve
the required cleanliness standard before being
thoroughly cleaned down to remove all dust and

Polyglass VEF was applied to a DFT of 750µm,
VEF is formulated for immersed environments
where superior resistance to chemical attack is
required within the full pH range.

In order to provide advanced protection from
abrasion a second coat of Armagel was applied.
The externals of the vessel and lid were coated
with Plasmet ZF to ensure all round corrosion
protection. A full quality assurance inspection
was conducted including DFT and spark testing
to ensure the quality of the work.

The application of specialist protective coatings
will significantly increase the expected service
life of the chemicals vessel.

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