Case Study: US100: Composite External Tank Repair

External wall failure, post surface prep.

Post repair using Corroglass 600


A process vessel experienced a brick and mortar lining failure resulting in the process environment consuming the carbon steel shell 90’ above grade. A full repair would have required more than a week of unscheduled downtime, so an RFQ was sent out to contractors for an external patch that wouldn’t further degrade the internal liner. Other proposals called for welding, risking further liner damage that could cause bricks to enter the process.


Corrocoat proposed applying a composite patch
designed to withstand the corrosive 180 F environment that required no hot work along with less time and investment than all other proposals.

The area was first scrapped carefully by hand to expose the level of degradation, exposing a 5’ vertical void in the shell surrounded by smaller voids. The thinner areas near voids were prepared with power tools (SSPC-SP3) to protect the integrity of the liner prior to commercial blasting the surrounding areas (SSPC-SP7).

Once clean of excess corrosion, the surfaces were
washed to remove salts prior to final surface preparation to white metal (SSPC-SP11 and SSPC-SP5) and priming with Corroglass 600 Series.


Corroglass 600 Series is a line of vinyl ester materials specifically developed for process internals, resisting chemical laden environments at up to 230 F immersed, 330 F nonimmersed. Corrocoat 600 Series includes a lamination resin and barrier linings of three different viscosities that can hang at up to 3mm without sagging and be applied wet-on-wet in films of up to 8mm eliminating the long wait times between layers with other composite repair systems.

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