Case Study: US106: Transmission Tower Splash Zone


A 48” dia x 13’0” tall galvanized transmission tower in
South Carolina required protection against an
extremely corrosive environment. The tower was sited in salt water in the splash zone which creates an
aggressive corrosion rate due to tidal cycling.

A number of issues were evident and had to be
overcome to complete the project including limited
access under a low bridge and access at low tide only.
Corrocoat also has to consider drying times between
coats that were of course limited by the tide itself.


Step One
Remove barnacles and marine growth using a scraper.
Step Two
Abrasive blasting pole to achieve required surface
protection and profile.
Challenge: Blast and coat a given section before the
tide comes in.
Step Three
In situ coating in the tidal/splash zone.
Application of Corrocoat ZipE


Corrocoat Zip E provides durable protection in
aggressive atmospheric conditions and aquatic
immersion environments. It is ideal for coating and
protecting structural steel, bridges, pilings decks,
externals of process vessels/pipelines, jetties, ships
hulls, etc.

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