The Industry

Water and Waste Water. Archimedes screw

The Challenge

An Archimedes screw used for movement of a peroxide solution was suffering from corrosion particularly to the leading edges.Repair through metallurgy was prohibitively expensive and was not a solution to the corrosion issue.

The Solution

After inspection and assessment of the Archimedes screw, a procedure of removal and transportation to our Leeds works to facilitate blasting the screw in our blasting booth to SA and a minimum profile of 50 microns was followed by the application of Corroglass 600 series to a DFT of 1.5mm.

Results and Benefits

The bespoke coating of Corroglass 600 series offers exceptional levels of protection combined with extensive service life. The cost of the whole operation was considerably less than using metallurgy or the supply of a replacement screw. Added to this, the environmental and carbon footprint impact of renewing the asset was negligible.


Corroserve has the experience and expertise to either coat from new or provide remedial coating to potable water, seawater, and wastewater management systems including Archimedes screws, pumps, impellers and pipelines. The bespoke coating system provides used, are determined by the operating conditions and mediums. Our coating system have provided unrivalled levels of corrosion protection in the harshest environments for over 40 years.

Corroserve is a member of the Corrosioneering Group which also includes specialist paints and coatings manufacturer – Corrocoat and research and development division Corrolab. Working together, we provide the ultimate ‘one-stop-shop’ for our customers.