Case Study: CC026: Extending the Working Life of a Pump Handling Corrosive Chemicals

The Industry


The Challenge

Corrocoat Licensed Applicator, Vietnam Glo Coating Engineering JSC (VGCE) was contacted by PetroVietnam Ca Mau Fertilizer JSC, as their engineers were concerned over the condition of one of their pumps. The pump is used in the production of nitrogenous fertilizers and was handling abrasive and corrosive chemicals.

The Solution

GCE engineers recommended a surface preparation, engineering and coating package that would protect the pump casing and impellor comprising:
• High pressure wash with detergent to remove dirt and oil
• Rebate the flanges on the pump housing (7mm wide x 1.5mm deep)
• All surfaces to be shot blasted to remove contaminants and achieve a surface profile of 75 µm. to allow the subsequent coatings to bond successfully and guarantee their longevity.
• For the pump internals and impellor a coat of Corroglass 632, followed by Corrofil VE (to fill holes), Corroglass 602 and finally Corroglass 652 applied to achieve a total 

thickness of 1800 µm. This coating combination was recommended as it combined excellent abrasion and
corrosion resistance and was therefore an effective and long term solution.
• The pump casing external surfaces to be coated with Plasmet ZF at 250 µm, the pump housing flange faces rebated and the impellor balanced.

Results & Benefits

The contract was awarded to VGCE and the work carried out in its own workshops. The customer was delighted with the end result, marking the Work Completion Report Good for both Service and HSE performance.


Corrocoat has 40 years’ experience in offering corrosion management coatings to chemical plants. In particular, the glass flake coatings are ideally suited to this field, offering superb chemical, temperature and erosion resistance. Corrocoat has proven to be a reliable partner, having completed a wide range of projects, including treating: Pipework, Pumps, Valves, Structural steelwork, Process vessels, Storage tanks and Concrete bunds.

Left: Rebating the flanges on the pump housing
Right: Final inspection before returning pump to customer