Case Study: US104: Kaolin Sand Slurry Grinder Tank and Blades

Internal lining of grinder tank.

Mixer blades coated with Plasmet HTE for abrasion protection.


A rubber lining used to protect the blades of a Kaolin sand slurry grinder would delaminate from the blades once or twice a year introducing rubber that caused damage to downstream pumps. The client wanted a protective coating that would significantly extend the expected service life of the blades. Additional protection was also sought for internals of the grinder tank in which the blades are located and rotate.


Corrocoat applied Polyglass VEF/VEF WR to the tank to
provide a barrier lining with a wear resistant topcoat
and Plasmet HTE to the blades. The HTE was applied in
different colors to make it easy to visually determine
how much of the protective coating was left.
This system increased the previous 6-9 month lifecycle
to 32-36 months while eliminating the damage caused
after rubber delamination. The solution also meant a
significant reduction in downtime and associated cost
for the client.


Corrocoat’s ability to engineer a repair, manufacture
the required materials, and carryout the application
allowed for a quick and permanent repair. Corrocoat’s
sole-sourced solution reduces project lead time while
eliminating opportunity for misunderstandings or
conflicting interests between different firms.

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