US112: Knock Out Pot

A newly fabricated knock out drum due to be
installed at the an oil refinery required protection
for service in an aggressive environment. Also
known as flash drum or break pot, a knock out
vessel is used in many industrial applications to
separate a vapour–liquid mixture. Commonly
gravity is employed to cause any liquid to settle at
the bottom of the vessel where it can be


The vessel was abrasive blasted to achieve the
required cleanliness standard before being
thoroughly cleaned down and vacuumed. Multiple
coats of Polyglass VEF were then applied to reach
the client’s specified 120 mils dft.

Polyglass VEF is excellent in immersed
environments where superior resistance to
chemical attack is required, across the full pH
range. It also has excellent resistance to
demineralized water and to many solvents.

After suitable curing, thickness and spark testing
was carried out and final visual inspection made
to ensure the quality of the coating work
completed. The vessel was then prepared for
dispatch to the customer for installation.

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