US115: Finished Methanol Storage Tank

A planned inspection of a finished methanol
storage tank at an onshore facility had found
corrosion issues both internally and externally.


Corrocoat proposed a program of work for the
surface preparation and application of specialist
protective coatings (Polyglass PPA and VEF), for the
internals, to the base and 4 strakes up the wall.

The client also requested that the roof was to be
abrasive blasted to remove any surface residue.

An inspection report of the methanol tank (28ft
diameter x 31ft high) stated pitting with a
maximum depth of 160mils was found on the
internal base and shell, a suitable filler material
should be utilized in these areas.

The project involved mobilizing Corrocoat
technicians for a period of 18 days to work on site.
The technicians had to deploy all site equipment
including environmental control equipment. A feat
of organization and coordination that Corrocoat’s
on-site teams are well versed in.

Refurbishing and lining the internals of the tank
with Polyglass VEF will protect against corrosion
and reduce maintenance and down time costs.

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