Case Study: CC031: Oil cooler waterbox cover
Total repair and refurbishment of main oil cooler waterbox cover.


Major refinery.

Application Date

December 2006.

Scope Of Work

The cooler water box covers would be considered
beyond repair for most companies, without the
established refurbishment expertise of Corrocoat.
Cracking of the cover was stabilized by performing
external metal stitch repairs. The internals were then
re-profiled, followed by blasting and coating using a
high build vinyl ester coating.


Mild steel.

Application method

Remove existing coating. Pre machine rebates. Grit blast internals to ISO 8501-1, SA 21/2.Carry out metal stitch repair.
Coat using Corroglass 600 to a minimum dft of 1.5mm.
Post machine. Grit blast externals to ISO 8501-1, SA21/2.
Apply Plasmet ZF followed by a proprietary topcoat.

Coating credentials

We have a proven track record within the power
industry and also within the sea water environment.

The customer needed a quick turn round to minimize downtime, and Corrocoat was able to meet these
requirements, alongside a projected design life of
18-20 years.

Corroglass is specially manufactured for its resistance to cavitation, erosion and impact whilst in operation under adverse conditions. Corroglass 600 series and the Plasmet range are both used in diverse applications throughout industry.


Left: Damage cut out.
Middle: Stitching detail.
Right: Internals, coated.