US117: Abrasion Damage

A pair of stainless steel fibre sorters were suffering
heavy wear and abrasion damage to the inner
stainless steel surfaces of the unit, the plant
operator approached Corrocoat to suggest a
solution. Corrocoat was informed that one unit
had a previous ceramic tile repair that had failed
and needed replacing.


To begin with the failed repair was removed and
the internal surfaces of the fibre sorters were
blasted to SSPC SP10, near white blast, to give a
minimum profile of 2 mil. The Corrocoat team
laminated the surface with multi-axial glass fabric
thoroughly wetted with laminate resin and
rollered to remove any air pockets.

After drying Plasmet HTE was applied as a
protective lining by airless spray to a minimum dry
film thickness of 80mil. Plasmet HTE is suitable for
substrates where abrasion and corrosion
resistance is required. A dft of 120mil was
required at the critical point where the fibre
enters the sorter around the feed pipe.

On completion of the repair and coating work the
units were packed for transportation back to the
paper manufacturing plant.

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