Case Study: US102: Slurry Tanks

Chemically and Physically Demanding

Slurries are often both chemically and physically aggressive leading to high rates of lining failure. In these instances successful protection requires proper specification, manufacturing, and application of a specialist lining system.
Specification requires understanding the limitations of properly applied and cured material while successful application requires understanding and observing all the limitations of the catalyzed material so that a proper application with full cure can be reached. A lack of shared information and conflicting incentives between the manufacture and applicator can make success on both fronts difficult.

Tunkey Solution

Corrocoat’s turnkey approach eliminates this by
putting those that formulate materials and those
that apply them under the same roof.
Whether in need of a contract to assure timely
emergency service, regularly scheduled site visits, or
a year-round site presence Corrocoat can provide
the following solutions with a simply stated
warranty assuring the system performs as designed.

1. Spot repair of existing lining of a recycle tank – Polyglass VEHA

2 Full tank lining – Polyglass VEF WR

3. Spray application to internals of an alum storage tank – Polyglass VEF