Case Study: US107: Pump Casing and Impeller


A pump operating in a highly aggressive chemical
environment was found to be suffering from serious
corrosion and abrasion damage. Corrosion/erosion was evident on the impellers and impeller shroud.

After the machined surfaces were masked up the
wetted areas were blasted to the required cleanliness
standard. This was followed by a blown down, sweep
and vacuuming to ensure the removal of all debris
before coating work could begin.


Multiple coats of Plasmet HTE were applied to achieve
a minimum DFT of 2000µm. Plasmet HTE is suitable for areas requiring abrasion (and chemical) resistance such as cyclones, chemical process vessels, sugar beet
pulping drums etc. It is also useful for building up
damaged areas of pump impellers and casings where
impact or abrasion, are prevalent.

Once cured, any surface protection was removed and
the impeller vanes were dressed to reduce the
tip/shroud gap to 500µm.

Finally the balance of the impeller was checked and
spark tests conducted before the unit was reassembled for dispatch back to the customer.

Corrocoat has a 40 year track record that combines
engineering expertise and application technology to
ensure the best long-term protection of all types of
equipment and structures.

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