US120: Reflux Tank Dished Ends

The tank dished ends of a reflux tank required
refurbishment and protective coating against an
aggressive chemical environment in the pesticides
and herbicides manufacturing sector.

A reflux tank’s purpose is to thermally accelerate a
reaction by conducting it at an elevated, controlled
temperature and ambient pressure without losing
large quantities of the mixture.

Chemical Protection

The tank body and ends were sweep blasted to
remove a previous coating and any pits revealed
were filled with Polyglass VE.

Two coats of Polyglass VEF were then applied by
airless spray to achieve the specified DFT of 1200µm.
Polyglass VEF provides excellent protection in
immersed environments across the pH range and
high resistance to solvents, acids and demineralised

Once cured all surface protection was removed,
edges dressed and a full visual inspection completed.
Thickness testing and spark testing was also
completed to identify any holidays (none were
present) and to ensure the quality of the finished
coating system.

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