Case Study: US105: Refurbishment of Main Oil Cooler


A cooler water box cover has suffered serious corrosion damage to a point where it would be considered beyond repair for most companies, without the established refurbishment expertise of Corrocoat.

Corrocoat advised the client that the cover could be
refurbished and returned to service a cost substantially lower than replacing the damaged cover.

Cracking of the mild steel cover was stabilized by
performing external metal stitch repairs. The internals were then re-profiled, followed by blasting and coating using a high build vinyl ester coating. Corroglass 600 provides resistance to cavitation, erosion and impact whilst in operation under adverse conditions.


• Remove existing coating. Pre machine rebates. Grit
blast internals to ISO 8501-1, SA2½. Carry out metal
stitch repair.
• Coat using Corroglass 600 to a minimum dft of
1.5mm. Post machine. Grit blast externals to ISO
8501-1, SA2½.
• Apply Plasmet ZF followed by a proprietary topcoat.


Corrocoat has a proven track record working in sea
water environments. The customer needed a quick
turn round to minimise downtime, and Corrocoat was
able to meet these requirements, alongside a
projected design life of 18-20 years.

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