Case Study: US111: Scraper Trap Sour Crude

Scraper Trap

A newly fabricated 8/10” scraper trap required
specialist protection against corrosion before entering
service. The trap was due to be installed at an oil
refinery and would experience constant exposure to
sour crude oil.

The internals of the scraper trap were abrasive blasted
to achieve the required cleanliness standard of SSPC
SP10, near white blast, before being thoroughly
cleaned down and vacuumed to removed all dust and
debris before coating work could begin.

Polyglass VEF was then applied, using Agmec internal
pipe spraying equipment, to the required DFT of 50
mils. Polyglass VEF is ideal in immersed environments
where superior resistance to chemical attack is
required within the full pH range. The coating also
benefits from having Lloyds register approval.

Post curing, thickness and spark testing was conducted to ensure the quality of the finished coating. At the same time a thorough visual inspection was completed as further quality assurance. The externals of the scraper were blasted to SSPC SP6, commercial blast, after which a primer and an epoxy top coat were applied.

On completion of the coating work the door was post
machined to specified tolerances, after which the trap
was prepared for dispatch and subsequent installation.

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