US128: Hydrochloric Acid Loading Pad Lining

Corrosion Protection for Concrete

Client: Power Generation Plant

Application Date: April 2019

Scope of work
The plant decided to replace a dilapidated Hydrochloric Acid (HCI) Loading Dock, which was in a poor state as the result of significant deterioration of the concrete substrate as a result of intermittent exposure to HCI during each bi-weekly delivery of acid.

Once the existing pad was removed and replaced with new on concrete to cure enough to allow for coating. Corrocoat USA were hired to install our Polyglass VEF system to concrete for long-term protection.

Coating System

– Abrasive blasted concrete using a medium, 40/70 mesh recycled crushed glass at the blast media.

– Applied Polyglass WCP to 8-10 mils wft (200-250 microns) creating a deep, penetrating sealer for the concrete with a polymer that was then over-coated with the Vinyl Ester lining.

– A 12 mil (300 micron) coat of Polyglass VEF was applied, followed by a layer of fiberglass, laminated with Corroglass 600 Laminating Resin.

– After sanding and de-nibbling the fiberglass, Polyglass VEF barrier coat spray applied at 40mils dft.

– Polyglass VEFWR spray applied and broom finished to create non-skid texture and chemical resistance.

*Three years later, despite constant traffic and spillage of acid, the containment still looks brand new.