Product reference: 3/05

Product title: Biofoul

Valid from: 18th December 2007

Last reviewed: May 2019


A three-pack, cold-cured polyester containing metallic (inorganic) copper
flakes. Corrocoat Biofoul is considered non-toxic; it has excellent long-term
anti-fouling properties and will withstand flow velocities in excess of 82f/s

Suggested use

Biofoul has been specially formulated as a durable, longlife, heavy duty, anti-fouling coating. It can be applied to
metal over a corrosion barrier or it may be used in mould
prior to the gel coating to give anti fouling protection to GRP
structures. It may also be applied directly to GRP that has
had suitable surface preparation. It can also be used to give
the appearance of copper cladding to architectural features
and exhibits the appearance of copper verdigris in service.


When applied to metallic substrates, this product should only
be applied over a corrosion barrier of a Polyglass series or
other Corrocoat material and over a suitably primed surface
on wood or concrete

Health & safety

Before handling or using this product, first consult the
material safety data sheet.

Application equipment

Preferably spray applied using airless equipment to obtain
a smooth surface and optimum performance but may be
applied by brush.

Mixing and application

Remove the lid from the paste container. Stir to mix the
contents into a smooth even paste. The addition of 2% by
volume of styrene added to the paste may aid this process
but should not be used unless necessary. Add the contents
of the resin container to the paste container. Using a
mechanical agitator, mix thoroughly then immediately add
the organic peroxide and agitate until thoroughly mixed.
Apply the product immediately as pot life can be short at high
ambient temperatures.
Best results are obtained from a smooth surface. When
applying by brush, light brushing with styrene immediately
after application will aid smoothing. Do not pre-mix the resin
and paste prior to addition of the catalyst, this will both
shorten the pot life and storage stability.
Apply Biofoul at a thickness of 10-16 mils (250-400
microns). Providing the maximum overcoating time of 3
days is not exceeded, Biofoul may be overcoated by
itself. This period must be shortened at high
temperatures and in strong UV light conditions.

Storage life

Six months stored at temperatures below 75°F (24°C)
and away from heat sources and direct sunlight.
Frequent temperature cycling will shorten storage life.
Corrocoat Biofoul works by the dissolution of metallic
copper ions into the surrounding environment. The
dissolution of ions will reduce as the copper verdigris
forms but is increased due to the action of fouling
organisms attaching to the surface. Generally, as soon as
the increase in copper ions takes place the fouling will
Metallic copper anti-fouling has been used for many
years on wooden hulled ships in the form of copper
sheets, in low concentrations it is considered non-toxic
both to marine and mammal life forms.
Note: Under certain conditions the use of cathodic
protection may reduce or stop the dissolution of copper
ions and render Biofoul inoperative.

Surface preparation

On metallic surfaces, Corrocoat Biofoul should be applied over the top of a suitable corrosion barrier which has been correctly applied on a prepared substrate. Corrocoat Biofoul can also be applied to GRP, concrete and wood with suitable surface preparation. For details, please consult Corrocoat Technical Services.

Mixing ratio

Resin: 24.5parts.
Paste: 73.5 parts.
Catalyst: 2 parts.

Pot life

40-50 minutes at 68°F (20°C).


Do not thin, except by the addition of no more than
5% styrene. This will affect viscosity and may affect hold
up. Addition of other thinners will affect the product’s


Metallic copper appearance.

Recommended DFT

10-16 mils (250-400 microns).

Practical coverage

Approximately 74 sf per gal at 16 mils (1.80m2/litre at
400 microns).

Spreading rate

Note: this information is given in good faith but rate
may vary significantly dependent upon environmental
conditions, the geometry, nature of work undertaken and
the skill and care of application. Corrocoat accepts no
responsibility for any deviation from this value.

Specific gravity

0.07lbs/cubic inch (1.97 gm/cc) (mixed)

Flash point

Resin: 90°F (32°C).
Paste: 154°F (68°C).


When applying to Polyglass grades, over-coating may take
place as soon as the previous coat has gelled. Adhere to
maximum over-coating time in accordance with the standard
product data sheets.

Cleaning solvent

Methyl ethyl ketone, methyl iso butyl ketone and acetone –
before gel.


1 Gallon and 5 Gallon kits