Corroglass AR4

Product reference: 2/36

Product title: Corroglass AR4

Valid from: 27th November 1997

Last reviewed: 31 May 2019

Type: A two-pack cold cured brominated vinyl ester/acrylic co-polymer enhanced
with flake glass.

Suggested use

Corroglass AR4 has been specially formulated to offer the
best resistance to base environments, e.g. Sodium Hydroxide
and Sodium Hypochlorite, the resin and cure system having
been modified to impart the optimum resistance to these

Health & safety

Before commencing work, read the product Health &
Safety data sheet. Corroglass AR4 should only be used by
adequately trained personnel.

Surface preparation

Metals: Grit blast to SPCC-SP10 (ISO standard 8501-1
Sa 2½ near 3) standard or equivalent. (For full details
refer to Corrocoat Surface Specification SP1).
Concrete: Grit blast to remove surface laitance. See
Corrocoat Surface Specification SP5.

Hardener type

Catalyst type – Organic Peroxide.

Pot life

Approximately 55-65 minutes at 68° F (20°C) (may vary
dependent upon temperature and age of product).

Pot life

Approximately 55-65 minutes at 68° F (20°C) (may vary
dependent upon temperature and age of product).


45 Barcol.

Elongation at break


Dielectric strength

18 – 25 x 10³ V/mm

Tensile strength

3845 PSI (26.5 N mm 2)


May take place as soon as the previous coat has gelled
and while still tacky. Maximum overcoating time 72 hours
at 68°F (20°C).
Once the maximum overcoating time has been reached, the
adhesion values attained by any subsequent coat will reduce
dramatically. It is important to observe maximum overcoating
times and note these will vary with climatic conditions. Any
further application of coating at this juncture should be
treated as a repair, with the surface flashed over to provide
a physical key. Styrene cannot be used to reactivate the
surface and may in some cases impair adhesion.

Cleaning solvent

Methyl Ethyl Ketone, Acetone and Methyl Iso Butyl Ketone
prior to gelation.

Mixing ratio / mixing

98:2 Base: Hardener

Application equipment

For spray application use a Graco King 45:1, or similar,
airless pump, 10mm diameter (3/8”) nylon spray line. Large
bore mastic type gun with 30 to 60 thou reversible or titan
adjustable tip. As a guide, a typical tip size would be 31-35
thou with a 60° fan pattern. The size of tip and fan pattern will
vary dependent upon the nature of the work.
May be hand applied using a brush, roller or trowel.


Corroglass AR4 is normally applied at wet films between 20-
40 mils (500-1000 microns).


The performance of Corroglass AR4 may be significantly
affected by the addition of styrene. DO NOT ADD SOLVENT

Storage life

6 Months if stored at temperatures below 68°F (20°C)
and away from direct heat and sunlight.

Color availability

Unpigmented or off-white.

Recommended DFT

20-118 mils (500-3000 Microns) dependent upon service

Theoretical spreading rate

54 sf per gallon at 29 mils (1.33m²/Litre 750 microns).

Tensile strength

3845 PSI (26.5 N mm 2)

Temperature limits

Dependent upon environment.
179°F (82°C) Immersed

Curing time

Tack free after 24 hours at 68°F (20°C). Full cure after 4
days. For best results and in most environments, a post
cure of 4-6 hours at 140-176°F (60-80°C) is recommended
prior to service. Refer to Corrocoat Technical Services for

Volume solids

This material contains volatile liquid convertible to
solids. Volume solids obtained will vary dependent upon
polymerization conditions. Nominally 99% of the contents are
convertible to solid.

Practical spreading rate

43 sf per gallon at 30 mils dft (1.06m²/Litre at 750 microns).
Note: This information is given in good faith but may increase
dependent upon environment conditions, thegeometry
and nature of work undertaken and the skill and care of
application. Corrocoat accepts no responsibility for any
deviation from these values.