Corrothane AP1

Product reference: 2/36

Product title: Corrothane AP1

Valid from: 27th November 1997

Last reviewed: 31 May 2019

Type: A 2-pack, solvent borne, isocyanate-free polyurethane/ acrylic top coat.

Suggested use

As a high performance cosmetic top coat used primarily over the top of other Corrocoat epoxy based coatings to give color retention and weathering properties. Designed for use on new construction and maintenance work on marine and offshore structural work and in aggressive atmospheric service environments

Health & safety

Before handling this product the material safety data sheet should be read and all precautions observed.

Surface preparation

Corrothane AP1 is designed as a top coat for other
Corrocoat products, predominantly PlasmetZF. Please refer to the relevant application data sheet for the prime/ build coat for surface preparation details. The build coat should be free from contamination/grease prior to application of the Corrothane AP1.

Mixing ratio

7:1 base to activator by volume.

Theoretical spreading rate

30 sf per gal at 2 mils (13m²/liter at 50 microns) dft.
(Practical coverage values will depend upon environmental/application conditions, operator technique and geometry of work. Appropriate loss factors should be taken into account. Corrocoat accepts no liability for any differences in actual
spreading values obtained.)

Specific gravity

0.05lbs/cubic inch (1.54 g/cm-3

Cleaning solvent

Corrocoat Epoxy Equipment Cleaner.

Pot life

2 Hours at 68°F (20°C); 40 Minutes at 95°F (35°C)

Application equipment

Airless spray, brush or conventional spray. For airless spray recommended tip size 13-19 thou. Spray pressure
2,200-2,700 psi.


Typically as a single coat by brush or spray at 2 mils (50
microns) dft per coat (approximately 3 mils (80 microns) wet film thickness).


DO NOT THIN. Use of thinners may adversely affect the
performance of this product.

Color availability

Light and mid grey.Other colors available subject to
quantity. Price may vary with color.

Volume solids


Dry / cure time

68°F (20°C) hard dry in
5 hours; 95°F (35°C)
hard dry in 4 hours

Overcoating time

Minimum overcoating times as above hard dry times. Overcoating before these times may result in solvent entrapment. Corrothane AP1 has an indefinite overcoating time with itself, as long as the substrate is decontaminated and abraded on old coatings.