Epoxy Polymer Concrete 

Product reference: 3/75

Product title: Epoxy Polymer Concrete

Valid from: 20 August 1996

Last reviewed: Aug 2016

Type: A 2-pack epoxy resin system, aggregate filled, to form an epoxy
polymer concrete.

Suggested use

As a high strength corrosion resistant concrete substitute. For use at temperatures up to 212°F (100°C). May be used in both immersed and non-immersion service including chemical immersion. Can be used to repair existing damaged concrete or for surfacing.


Applicable to horizontal surfaces only unless form work is used.

Health & safety

Before handling or using this product the material safety data sheet should be read and all precautions observed.

Surface preparation

Corrocoat Epoxy Polymer Concrete may be applied directly on to decontaminated and vacuumed concrete surfaces. The substrate should be free of standing water. For best results, the surface should be prepared in accordance with data sheet SP5 and primed with Plasmet ECP prior to application of the
Epoxy Polymer Concrete

Pot life

80 minutes at 68°F (20°C). Pot life will be shorter at higher temperatures and longer at lower temperatures




This product is normally sold in 55 gallon drums (205 liters) for the base and hardener and palletized bags for the aggregate. The product is them weighed off on site to
maximize its cost effectiveness. Alternatively, 5 gallon (18.9 liters) composite kits are available.

Storage life

12 months in unopened pails/ drums.


Brown/ gray

Mixing ratio

9.5 parts Base: 4.75 parts Hardener: 85.75 parts aggregate (All by weight)

Mixing procedure

Mix the base and hardener and blend with a powered mixer. Split the aggregate into approximately three equal parts, and to the resin and mix thoroughly. For larger
quantities, it may be necessary to remove from the container and manually mix using a board and shove in a similar way to conventional concrete. Alternatively, a small
concrete mixer may be used.


Using a trowel as far as possible, work the unevenness within the surface. The product should then be applied to the desired film thickness using the trowel to achieve a
smooth finish. Where possible, a vibrator should be used to release any trapped air and aid settlement of the product. For larger areas a tamping board and guide bars may be used in a similar way to conventional concrete. Mix only as much product as may be applied within the pot life of the product. The product may be applied to whatever film thicknesses are required, but due to the nature of this product, applications at film thicknesses below 10mm are not recommended


May take place as soon as the previous coat has gelled.

Specific Gravity

.083 lbs/cubic inch (2.3 gcm³) (2,300kg/m³)

Volume Solids

Greater than 99.9%

Theoretical Spreading Rate

Theoretical Spreading Rate

Cleaning solvent

Corrocoat Epoxy Equipment Cleaner