Fluiglide ‘E’

Product reference: 4/05

Product title: Fluiglide ‘E’

Valid from: 18th December 2007

Last reviewed: May 2019


Type: A cold cured 100% solids epoxide, specially modified to give a low roughness
amplitude with poor wet out properties.

Suggested use

The purpose of Fluiglide ‘E’ is to offer a smooth uninterrupted
surface, increasing flow in the boundary layer while affording
some degree of resistance to abrasion.


Fluiglide ‘E’ does not give the same performance as Fluiglide
but is able to withstand more arduous service conditions. The
upper temperature limit is 212°F (100°C).

Health & safety

Safety precautions should be observed when handling this
material. Skin contact should be avoided and eye protection,
gloves and protective clothing worn.
Sensitization of the skin may occur if these precautions are
not observed, otherwise this material is safe in use provided
normal precautions for epoxy resins are observed.

Surface preparation

The surface should be prepared by grit blasting to
SSPC SP5 ( ISO 8501-1 SA 3) or equivalent with an
ideal profile of around 3 mils (75 microns).

Application equipment

Brush only


Fluiglide ‘E’ may be applied direct to the substrate except
in the case of concrete. The material should be applied in
at least two coats of between 10-14 mils (250 to 350
microns) with a minimum DFT of 20mils (500 microns).
Where build-up of damaged components is required this
should be carried out first using Corrocoat EA and EB.
Fluiglide ‘E’ should then be applied as a top coat to these
products. Care should be taken to observe overcoating
times and application during periods of high humidity (in
excess of 85% RH) should be avoided. Where this material
is used in a potable water environment, allow 7 days at and
above 64°F (18°C) prior to service. Fluiglide ‘E’ is approved
for use for factory appliedproducts.

Mixing ratio

2:1 Base to Activator by weight.


Weigh out 2 parts of Fluiglide ‘E’ base (white color) to 1 part of Fluiglide ‘E’ activator (straw colored liquid) by weight. Thoroughly mix the two components with a suitable implement, preferably by power stirring until the material is an even colour containing no streaks of unmixed material.

Pot life

At 68°F (20°C) Fluiglide ‘E’ is usable for approximately 30
minutes with a gel time of 45 minutes. As temperature
increases pot life reduces but cold temperatures will
extend pot life.


1 and 5 gallon kits.

Storage life

2 years minimum in unopened tins, stored at 40-104°F (5-

Color availability

White. Dye should not be used with this product.

Recommended DFT

Minimum of 20 mils (500 microns) in two coats.

Practical spreading rate

24 sf per gal at 20 mils (0.6 litres/m2 at 500 microns) DFT.
NOTE: This information is given in good faith but may
increase dependent upon environment conditions, the
geometry and nature of work undertaken and the skill and
care of application.
Corrocoat accepts no responsibility for any deviation
from these values.

Volume solids

100% solvent-free.

Specific gravity


Flash point

203°F (95°C).

Temperature limits

Upper: 212°F (100°C) (dependent upon
environment). Lower: No known limit.

Activator type

Aliphatic Polyamide.

Overcoating time

At 68°F (20°C) minimum 4 hours, maximum 30 hours.

Cure time

Minimum service time 36 hours.
Potable water 7 days at 64°F

Cleaning solvent

Acetone, methyl ethyl ketone, methyl iso butyl ketone,
or toluene before gel.

NOTE: Design parameters should be taken into
account when using this material to increase pump
efficiencies. Maximum benefit can only be obtained by
keeping coating thickness to minimum
recommendation. Some items with narrow
passageways will not benefit from the application of this
Where doubt exists, please seek advice.