Plasmet AR3

Product reference: 5/36

Product title: Plasmet AR3

Valid from: 2nd March 2007

Last reviewed: July 2019

Type: A two-pack solvent free polyamine cured epoxy, resistant to strong
concentrations of sulphuric and other acids

Suggested use

Primarily produced for coping with strong concentrations of
sulphuric acid, this product can also be used for other acids
and in some strong alkali service duties. Applications include
bund areas, tanks, pipe work, floors, decking, structural steel

Health & safety

Before handling or using this product, the material safety data
sheet should be read and all precautions observed.

Surface preparation

Metallic Substrates: The surface should be grit blasted to
SSPC-SP10 (ISO 8501-1 Sa 2½) or equivalent and blast
residues removed in accordance with normal surface
preparation procedures. Plasmet AR3 should be applied
on top of the prepared substrate in two or more layers.
Over-coating times should be strictly adhered to except on
the advice of Corrocoat Technical staff. It is essential that
AR3 should be applied with stripe coating between each
main coat to all welds edges and corners.
Concrete Substrates: Prepare the concrete as per data
sheet SP5. Plasmet ECP should then be applied directly onto
the concrete working the material into the profile to improve

Application equipment

Brush, roller or airless spray. Airless spray using a 63:1Graco
or equivalent, tip size 17-19 thou. Except in warm weather it
is recommended that a circulation system be used to warm product and assist atomization during spraying. (See also data sheet 8/22).


Plasmet AR3 is designed for application at a wet film thickness
of between 20-32 mils (500-800 microns) per coat. Dependent
upon environment and service conditions, total dry film
thicknesses will be in the order of 40-60 mils (1000-1500
microns). Surface temperature must be at least 37°F (3°C)
above the dew point and RH below 85%.

Mixing ratio

Base 10:1 Activator.
Weight for weight.


Remove the lids from the base and the activator. Pour all the
activator into the base and mix thoroughly. Ensure that no
unmixed activator remains. It is essential that a power mixer
is used to mix the base and activator.

Pot life

50 minutes at 68°F (20°C) and 30 minutes at 86°F (30°C).
(Values will vary subject to quantity and environmental

Overcoating time

No minimum value. Product may be re-applied as soon as
the previous coat of AR3 has gelled sufficiently to support the
weight of the next coat and logistics allow. Maximum value16
hours at 68°F (20°C). Exponentially shorter at higher

Dry / Cure time

Tack-free time 5 hours at 68°F
(20°C). Time to full cure 7
days. Both values will vary
dependent upon to
temperature. For optimum
performance this product
should be post cured prior to


PRODUCT. The use of solvents or thinners will dramatically
reduce the performance in concentrated acids.

Storage life

2 years minimum in unopened tins, stored at 41-104°F (5-

Color availability

Violet. (It is normal for the coating to be discolored red in
service with high concentration sulphuric acid. There can also
be discoloration of the cargo where the contact time is high,
this will diminish with time and usage. Discoloration will
normally occur within a few days, but this does not affect the
corrosion protection offered by the coating.)

Volume solids

100% Polymerizable solvent free. Dry film thickness will vary from wet film thickness dependent upon cure conditions which affects ultimate density. It is advisable when calculating consumption figures to allow a minimum of 10% extra for this

Theoretical spreading rate

134 sf per gal at 12 mils (3.3m² per litre at 300 microns) dft. Practical coverage values vary dependent upon environmental and application conditions, surface profile, geometry of work and operator technique. An appropriate loss factor must be taken into account. Corrocoat accepts no liability for any differences in calculated values or spreading rates obtained.

Specific gravity

Mixed: 0.03lbs/cubic inch (1.05 gcm-3

Cleaning solvent

Xylene, Toluene, Corrocoat epoxy equipment cleaner.