Plasmet ECP

Product reference: 5/17

Product title: Plasmet ECP

Valid from: 17th October 1997

Last reviewed: November 2022


A high-solids, low viscosity, two part epoxy primer with excellent adhesion to damp surfaces.

Suggested use

As a primer for concrete. Ideally suited for application in areas
that are damp, particularly concrete which cannot be dried
out prior to application. ECP is designed to be overcoated
with other suitable coatings. Plasmet ECP may also be used
as a primer for ZE on blast cleaned metallic surfaces


Should not be applied at temperatures below 42°F (6°C)

Health & safety

Read and observe the health & safety data sheet prior to

Surface preparation

Plasmet ECP has been developed as a surface tolerant
primer for concrete surfaces. It may be applied to damp
concrete with minimal surface preparation. For bestresults
however the surface laitance should be removed and the
concrete abraded prior to application.
Plasmet ECP may be used as a metal primer where the
surface should be grit blasted to SSPC-SP10 (ISO 8501-1
Sa 2½) standard. For full specification refer to Corrocoat
data sheets SP1 and SP2.

Application equipment

Brush, roller or airless spray 45:1 or higher with 17 to 23 thou
tip, dependent upon temperature and hose lengths.


Thismaterial is intended for application in one coat of between
4-6 mils (100-175 microns). The use of third pack (adhesion
promoter) will significantly increase the adhesion to both the
substrate and subsequent coatings.

Mixing ratio / mixing

100 Parts base: 75 parts activator.
Adhesion promoter maximum 1% of total mix.
Add all of the activator to the base and mix thoroughly,
ensuring no unmixed material remains. Add the adhesion
promoter, maximum 1%, where required and mix thoroughly.
Remove all the mixed material from the base tin and remix in
another container.
Mix only as much material as may be used during the limited
pot life.

Pot life

Approximately 2 – 3 hours at 68°F (20°C). This time
will vary significantly with temperature.


DO NOT THIN. The addition of solvent will reduce hold-up
and performance.


1 and 5 gallon kits.

Storage life

2 years minimum in unopened tins, stored at 41-104°F

Color availability

Translucent amber. Not available in any other color.

Recommended DFT

4-7 mils (100-175 microns).

Volume solids


Theoretical spreading rate

232 sf per gal at 7 mils (5.7l/m² at 175 microns)

Specific gravity

.03lbs/cubic inch (1.06 gcm-3)

Cure time

Tack free:
Approximately 8 hours at 68°F
Full cure:2-3 days at 68°F
Will vary significantly with temperature.

Overcoating times

Will vary substantially with temperature.
8 hours at 68°F (20°C)
2 days at 68°F
These times may be substantially shorter at high ambient

Cleaning solvent

Acetone, Methyl Ethyl Ketone, Xylene and epoxy equipment