Plasmet EP1

Product reference: 5/92

Product title: Plasmet EP1

Valid from: 30th December 1999

Last reviewed: July 2019

Type: A high solids, two pack, amine cured epoxy compounded with both stainless steel and glass platelets, and silicon carbide. 

Suggested use

Abrasive chemically aggressive environments such as pump casings, impellers, pipe bends, stirrers and diffuserdrums. EP1 is good for immersed abrasive environments.


Must not be applied in thicknesses above 1mm for each coat. Where rebuilding is required, HTE or other suitable material should be used first. EP1 is difficult to machine after full cure, grinding is preferable. EP1 may change color in service.

Health & safety

Read Health and Safety Data Sheet before handling this material. Avoid contact with skin or eyes. Do not ingest. Wear protective clothing and goggles. Ensure adequate ventilation. These materials are not particularly hazardous and are safe in use, if common sense and normal safety precautions for epoxy resins are observed.

Surface preparation

The substrate should be grit-blasted to SSPC-SP10 (ISO8501-1 Sa 2½) with a 75mm profile. For further details see Corrocoat Surface Preparation Specification SP1.

Application equipment

Trowel or short hair stiff brush or scraper blade.

Mixing ratio / mixing

3 parts Base to 2 parts Activator by weight. Pour all ofcomponent A into component B and mix thoroughly. The material is now ready for use; it should be applied as soon as possible.

Pot life

Variable dependent upon temperature and humidity, but approximately;Temp °C68°F86°F104°FPot Life (minutes)1004515Pot life will vary depending on quantity mixed.


In thin coats to recommended thickness for environmental conditions. Overcoating times and maximum single coat thickness must strictly be adhered to. Minimum application temperature: 46°F (8°C). Surface temperature should be 41°F (5°C) above dew point and humidity below an RH value of87%.


DO NOT THIN. Base and activator can be indirectly pre-heated to 86°F (30°C) before mixing in cold applicationconditions.


1 Gallon and 5 Gallon kits.

Storage life

2 years minimum in unopened tins, stored at 41-104°F (5-40°C).

Color availability

Speckled grey or black. Color maychange with age or service

Recommended DFT

Minimum 33mils (850 microns) in two coats or thicker to suitservice.

Theoretical spreading rate

38 sf per gal (0.94m²/L) at 1mm.

Volume solids


Practical spreading rate

28 sf per gal (0.7m²/L) at 1mm.NOTE:This information is given in good faith but value may vary dependent upon environment conditions, the geometry and nature of work undertaken and the skill and care of application. Corrocoat accepts no responsibility for any deviation from these values.

Specific gravity

05lbs/cubic inch (1.35gms/cc) mixed.

Flash point

100°F (38°C).

Activator type

Formulated polyamine

Mixing ratio

3:2 parts by weight base to activator.

Temperature limits

338°F (170°C) non-immersed; 284°F (140°C) immersed.


40-50 Barcol.

Cure time

Full chemical cure of the material will take 6-7 days at 68°F (20°C) although the material may be immersed in non-aggressive chemical environments after 24 hours.

Overcoating time

Overcoating times, although approximate, must be adhered to for good product performance.At ambient temperature 46-60°F (8°-15°C): Minimum 8 hours, maximum 36 hours.60-77°F (16°C-25°C) Minimum 5 hours, maximum 24 hours. 77-95°F (25-35°C) Minimum 3 hours, maximum 18 hours.

Cleaning solvent

Methyl Ethyl Ketone (Butanone), Methyl Iso Butyl Ketone, Xylene.