Plasmet Galvcoat

Product reference: 5/03

Product title: Galvcoat

Valid from: 1st August 2007

Last reviewed: May 2019

Type: Coating for galvanised steel. A single pack coating based on a synthetic
polymer and containing barrier pigments.


A coating for galvanized steel substrates, which may
be applied in one or two coats. It possesses excellent
weathering characteristics and will give long-term protection,
even in highly polluted environments.
The coating system can be easily maintained and repaired
where necessary.

Health & safety

Before handling or using this product the material safety data
sheet should be read and all precautions observed.

Surface preparation

Degrease all sound areas with white spirit. Scrape all rusted
areas to remove loose rust and give a firm edge, then wire
brush to give a bright metal finish. On new galvanised
surfaces, thoroughly wipe the surface using Corrocoat thinner
Number 5 and allow to dry.

Application equipment

Brush application only, spray or roller application is not
recommended for this product.


Fully load the brush to apply. Do not overbrush.

Application conditions

Temperatures between 41-86°F ( 5-30°C) are satisfactory.
Do not apply at relative humidities greater than 90%.


The performance and hold up of this product may be
adversely affected by the use of thinners.
Where required thinning may be achieved by the addition of
not more than 5% by volume of Corrocoat thinner Number 5.

Shelf life

12 Months in unopened containers. Store at temperatures
below 86°F (30°C). Settlement may occur over prolonged
periods of storage and thorough stirring will be required before use


1 and 5 gallon kits

Color availability

Mid-grey as standard (A limited number of colors are available to order, white and light colors are not possible with this material)

Flash point

Greater than 89°F (32°C)

Recommended film thickness

Dry film thickness 3-5 mils (75-100 microns) per coat.
Wet film thickness required to give recommended dft:
5-6mils (122-162 microns).

Theoretical spreading rate

330 sf per gal at 5 mils (8.2m²/litre at 75 microns) dft.

68°F (20ºC) drying times

Touch dry: 1 hour
Hard dry: 20 hours
Dry to handle: 5 hours

68°F (20ºC) overcoating times

Brush Application: Any time after 16 hours.


Use Corrocoat thinner No 5, comprising Xylene 60%,
N-Butanol 20%, Methylisobutylketone 20%. Clean all
equipment immediately after use.