Plasmet Masonry Guard

Product reference: 5/86

Product title: Plasmet Masonry Guard

Valid from:  4th August 2010

Last reviewed: July 2019

Type: A liquid dispersion in mineral spirits.

Suggested use

Colorless waterproofing and protection of stone, brick, cementitious wood and other porous substrates. For example: against external water ingress and frost protection on the outside of buildings and similar structures.


May not be suitable for some substrates or forovercoating previously treated surfaces. May not be suitable for overcoating with some materials. It is advisable to make test patches where there is doubt. Donot apply when frost is likely to occur before becoming dry, or to surfaces at temperatures in excess of 95°F (35 ̊C).

Health & safety

Use in well-ventilated areas only. Residual odor after treatment may be noticed initially. Before handling or using this product the Safety Data Sheet should be read and all precautions observed.

Application equipment

Plasmet Masonry Guard can be applied by airless spray, pressure pot, brush or roller.

Surface preparation

Remove all loose, friable or deleterious matter from the surface to be treated, preferably by high pressure water jetting, wet grit blasting or needle gun. Scarifying in small areas.

Pot life

Product cures by air drying giving extensive pot life.


1 Gallon and 5 Gallon kits

Storage life

Up to 5 years in the original unopened container.

Abrasion resistance



Storage life

2 years minimum in unopened tins, stored at 41-104°F (5-

Application temperature limits

35°F (2°C) to 95°F (35°C) ambient temperatures.

Cleaning solvent

White Spirit.

Color availability

Tr ansparent clear liquid, no color availabilit

Specific gravity

0.05bs/cubic inch (1.3 gms/cc).


Liberally wet out the surface starting at the top of the structure/ surface being treated, allowing excess material to run down into untreated areas. Wet on wet application may be necessary on porous areas but avoid pooling or puddling.

Practical spreading rate

Circa 120-200 sf per gal (3-5 m²/litre). Consumption mayvary and increase dependent upon environmental conditions, geometry, nature of work undertaken,application method and the skill and care of application.Corrocoat accepts no responsibility for actual usage.

Flash point

105°F (41°C) (Closed cup).

Service temperature limit

Suitable for all normal climatic ambient conditions.

Mixing ratio / mixing

Single pack product, ready to use.

Catalyst type



Product is a single layer treatment, a second treatment may be applied after the first treatment has dried. Product may be over-coated with other materials but a test area should be treated to ensure compatibility/suitability.

Chemical resistance


Mixing ratio / mixing

7:1 base to activator by weight. Remove lids from both components A-Activator and B-Base and scoop out all of component ‘A’ putting into component ‘B’. Mix thoroughly
ensuring that no unmixed materialremains. Remove all mixed material from base tins and re-mix on a clean flat surface or shallow receptacle. After mixing, the materialremains usable for a limited period dependent upon temperature, after which
time application becomes difficult.

Curing time

Air drying product, drying time depends on prevailing conditions.

Mechanical strength