Product reference: 3-53

Product title:  ZIP E SCREED

Valid from: May 2019

Last reviewed: September 2020

Type: A three part epoxy glassflake screed, intended for application over Plasmet ECP or Zip-E to restore grade and/or provide a non-slip surface on concrete and metallic surfaces.

Suggested use

Zip E screed will provide cost effective, durable protection for assets while protecting personnel from slip and fall injuries in aggressive atmospheric and aquatic environments. Zip E Screed may be used for concrete resurfacing, deck resurfacing, “bird bath” filling, heli-pads, walkways on vessels or offshore infrastructure and other marine environments.


Unsuitable for immersion service in most solvents and some chemical service environments (in this case, contact Corrocoat rep for alternate Corrocoat specification). Temperature limit immersed is 122°F (50°C), non-immersed limit 194°F (90°C).

Health & safety

Before handling or using this product read the material safety data sheet and observe all precautions.

Surface preparation

Metals: For best results Grit blast to SSPC-SP10 standard and apply over a barrier coat of Zip-E. (For full details refer to Corrocoat Surface Preparation Specification SP1.) Zip E can also be applied to mechanically prepared or water blasted surfaces or where Plasmet ZF has been used as a primer.

Concrete: Remove surface laitance and ensure a mechanical profile via scarification, abrasive blasting of other approved methods as per Corrocoat Surface Preparation sheet SP5. Priming is required, use Plasmet ECP as the primer.

Recommended DFT

Dependent upon intended use, geometry of work and service conditions. Zip E Screed is normally applied to achieve DFT’s of 40 to 1 inch (1,000 to 25,000 microns) by applying at 10% greater WFT’s. Single coat application is preferred but multiple coats may be used to achieve the required DFT, refer to data on overcoating times.

Volume Solids

Greater than 93 %.

Practical Coverage Rate

Approximately 12 SF/Gal at 40 mils (1.2 liters/m2 at 1000 microns) DFT.


This information is given in good faith but consumption may increase dependent on the environmental conditions, geometry, nature of work undertaken and the skill and care of application. Corrocoat accepts no responsibility for any deviation from these values.

Flash Point

133°F (56°C)

Mixing Ratio

14.3:4.9:10.8 Base to Hardener to Aggregate by weight / weight / weight. (Note: mix base and hardener thoroughly)


Zip-E Screed can be trowel applied and worked with typical masonry tools.

Pot Life

Generally 50 –60 minutes at 68°F (20°C). Pot life will vary significantly with temperature.


2.5 Gallon composite kit. (Other sizes may be available upon request).

Catalyst/Hardener Type

Modified Amine Adduct

Storage Life

Base and Hardener: 12 months in unopened tins, store away from heat sources and direct sunlight.

Color Availability

White and light grey as standard. Other colors available upon request, price of material subject to color and quantity.


This product is formulated to give optimum corrosion resistance. Due to the nature of the polymerization process of this product, it is not possible to guarantee color matching or color stability. Where color stability is of paramount importance, it is recommended that Zip E is over coated with Corrothane AP1 or Corrothane PA2.


Where multiple coats are required, overcoating may take place after 3 hours at 68°F (20°C). The maximum overcoating time is 72 hours at 68°F ( 20°C). Overcoating times will reduce significantly at higher temperatures and/or in strong sunlight. The minimum overcoating time at 50°F (10°C) is 24 hours, refer to Corrocoat Technical Services for overcoating instructions below 50°F(10°C).

Cure Time

Tack-free in less than 3 ½ hours, full cure 4 days at 68F     (20C).

Cleaning Solvent

For best results use Corrocoat Epoxy Equipment Cleaner