Case Study: Another North Sea Coating Contract Successfully Completed

The Industry

Oil & Gas

The Challenge:

Over the past few years, Corrocoat has been awarded
many pipe lining contracts for platforms in the North Sea.
This latest contract, for the internal and external corrosion
protection of a 36” diameter caisson was awarded thanks
to our outstanding track record for this type of work and
the premature failure of other coatings on similar structures.Carried out in our Leeds facility, in all the caisson andits associated pipework weighed approx. 27 tones and measured 30 meters in length.

The Solution:

A special coating system using several Corrocoat products
was proposed and used to meet the client’s demanding
• The caisson was first fully grit blasted internally and
externally to ISO 8501-1 cleanliness standard SA 2 ½.
• The internal surfaces were coated with Polyglass VEF – a
glass flake vinyl ester acrylic co-polymer to 1500 microns
using our own specially developed internal pipe spraying
equipment. Polyglass VEF gives excellent resistance to
chemical attack in immersedenvironments.
• The external surfaces were coated with: ZF Primer – a
surface tolerant two-pack epoxy coating, followed by
Plasmet Zip E – a single-coat epoxy glassflake coating.
Finally, a topcoat of Corrothane AP-1 was applied to give
a color retentive weatherproof gloss finish. By specifying
and applying this coating system Corrocoat was able to
guarantee excellent long term corrosion protection in this
arduous marine environment.

Results & Benefits:

A spokesman for the customer said: “We chose the Corrocoat solution for this project because of their proven ability to provide the protection required, at a competitive price and within stringent delivery times. The consistency, durability and longevity of the finished caisson is now evidenced by the fact that we have subsequently awarded them several repeat projects.”


As one of the world’s leading names in anti-corrosion
technology, for over 40 years Corrocoat has proved to be
a proven, reliable partner in the harsh environment of the
International oil and gas industry, having completed a wide range of projects both on and off site in a professional manner and often to tight timescales. It is a proud boast that many of the caissons, pipes and manifolds coated 20 years ago remain in service today..