US121: Protection Against Sulfuric Acid

A tank, designed to enter service as an arsenic
scrubber tank would be subject to 36% sulfuric acid
(which would dilute in the scrubber process) at
operating temperatures up to 1750F.

The tank was transported to Corrocoat’s workshop
and was abrasive blasted to SSPC SP10, near white
blast ,the required cleanliness standard. It was then
thoroughly cleaned down and vacuumed to remove
all debris before any coating work could begin.

Polyglass VEF (which has resistance to many
chemicals and solvents) was then applied using
Agmec pipe spraying equipment, to the specified
DFT of 60mils.

All interfaces were then laminated to add strength to
the final coating before a top coat of Polyglass
Veilcoat was applied. The external surfaces were
coated with Plasmet ZF, a surface tolerant coating,
before a final coat of Corrothane AP1 was applied.

After the required curing period the tank was
thickness and spark tested to identify any holidays
(none were present) and ensure the professional
quality of the coating work.

Lining the tank, internally and externally with
specialist protective coatings will significantly
increase the expected service life.

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