Case Study: US109: Butterfly Valve Fluiglide E

Refurbishment of Butterfly Valves

A butterfly valve in service at a power generation
plant required a programme of refurbishment and
protective coating.


After the required surface preparation had been
completed the valve body was coated with
multiple coats of Fluiglide E, a coating designed to
offer a smooth uninterrupted surface, increasing
overall efficiency levels whilst affording a degree
of resistance to abrasion.

When cured the seal seat was post machined
and the coating was thickness tested and spark
tested to ensure no holidays were present.

The blade was prepared in the same manner as
the body by grit blasting and was coated with
Corroglass 600 to a dft of 750µm. The blade was
post machined as required and thickness and
spark testing was completed to identify any
holidays and to ensure the quality of the final

The butterfly valve was then prepared for
transportation and re-installation in the cold
water intake system of a power station.

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