US114: 50% Sulfuric Acid

A chemical mixing tank processing 50% sulfuric acid
required protection against chemical attack.


The following pregame of preparation and coating
works was specified:

• Preparation: abrasive blasting to SSPC SP10, near white blast.
• One coat Polyglass PPA was applied as a holding
• Multi-axial glass fabric lamination was applied to
the internal interfaces to add strength to the
coating where flexing might occur.
Polyglass VEF applied by airless spray to achieve
a DFT of 60 mils.
• Spark testing to ensure the coating is free from
holidays/pin holes.
• Polyglass VE Veilcoat was applied as a top coat,
specifically designed for aggressive chemical
• Post cured at 140-180°F for 8 hours to ensure full
cure prior to entering service.
• Externally 2 coats of Plasmet ZF and a finish coat
of Corrothane AP1.

Polyglass VEF is excellent in immersed conditions
and provides excellent resistance to chemicals,
acids and demineralised water.

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