US122: Abrasion Damaged Pipe-spools

Numerous pipe-spools in an anaerobic digester
feed system had suffered severe abrasion due to
the nature of the material carried. This material
had caused damage to all the internal surfaces and
had burst through flange necks.

Lamination and Armagel

After preparation including abrasive blasting to
SSPC SP10, near white blast, any holed sections
were repaired with wetted out glass fibre. The
internals of the pipes were coated with Corroglass
600 followed by a top coat of Armagel to the
internal surface.

Armagel is an abrasion resistant vinyl ester copolymer containing glass flake and silicon carbide
and is ideal for environments where good
resistance to chemical attack combined with
resistance to abrasion are required.

The externals were coated with Plasmet ZF with
final a cosmetic top coat of Corrothane AP1.

The pipe-spools could then be reintroduced into
service with an extended life cycle due to the
enhanced abrasion protection provided by the
specialist Armagel coating.

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