Protection for Acid Dilution Tank

An acid dilution tank in service at a UK power
station required protection against 15% sulphuric
acid at ambient temperatures averaging 77°F.
During the dilution process water enters the
bottom of the tank and acid is introduced more
slowly to the top of the tank.

The tank was blasted to Sa2½. It was then
thoroughly cleaned down and vacuumed. Polyglass
VEF was applied to the internals in several coats, to
reach the required DFT, followed by a coat of VE
Veilcoat. The externals of the vessel were coated
with Plasmet ZF and a top coat of Corrothane AP1
to the customer’s specified color.

Polyglass VEF is ideal for use in immersion
environments where superior chemical resistance
is required, making it the ideal coating for the acid
dilution tank.

After curing full QA tests, including thickness and
spark testing, were completed. No defects or
holidays were identified and the tank was assessed
as being fully protected for service in an aggressive
sulphuric acid service environment.

The Polyglass coating system will significantly
increase the expected service life of the tank and
will reduce periods of expensive downtime.