US116: Protection Against Sulfuric Acid

Two newly fabricated acid tanks for the water
treatment sector required protection before
entering service holding 96% sulfuric acid.

D 7ft x H 12ft, 2ft Manway, 5 Nozzles

Plasmet AR3

The acid tanks and lids were delivered to
Corroocoat’s workshop where they were abrasive
blasted to achieve the required cleanliness
standard before being thoroughly cleaned down
and vacuumed. Multiple coats of Plasmet AR3
was applied to reach the required DFT of 60mils.
AR3 was used as the coating as it provides
excellent resistance to sulphuric acid in immersed
environments at temperatures up to 120°F,
making it the ideal choice for this coating
specification. In between coats of AR3 wetted out
multiaxial glass fibre matting was applied to the
floor/wall interfaces to add increased structural

After curing, thickness and spark testing was
carried out and final visual inspection made to
ensure the quality of the coating work completed.
The acid tanks were then prepared for dispatch to
the customer for installation, fully protected for a
significantly extended service life.

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