Case study: Repair and Long Term Protection for Massive Biomass Storage Tank


Mllada Boleslav Power Plant in the Czech Republic provides heat and power to a Skoda car factory, as well as providing heating to apartments in the nearby town. In order to reduce CO2 emissions, there has been an increased use of renewable biomass for generating electricity.


Our partners in Czech Republic, Corrotech, were commissioned by SKO-ENERGI to repair and recoat the interior walls of a 35m dia by 8.8m high biomass storage tank – an area of 1003m² in all.

Polyglass WCP
Corrofill VE
Corroglass 600 Laminating Resin
Corrocoat Renderpol
Polyglass VEF


The surfaces to be coated were cleaned and prepared by a combination of wet abrasive blasting and ultra-high pressure water jetting at 2500 bar. This was followed by the repair of surface voids and cracks. These were fully exposed, then primed with
two coats of Polyglass WCP, before being filled with Corrofill VE. The cracks were laminated with Corroglass 600 Laminating Resin and 390g fiberglass matt. Corrocoat Renderpol was applied to ensure the integrity of the damaged areas. The walls were then treated with two coats of VEF at 500µm. Despite a long period of heavy rain, the contract progressed and was completed on

We specialise in the design, manufacture and application of an extensive range of coating systems. This ensures that
the coatings are applied in suitable conditions, using correct surface preparation and application techniques, followed by
quality assurance testing, such as dry film thickness measurements and high voltage spark testing (holiday testing). By controlling these important aspects of application, Corrocoat ensures the coating system can perform to its fullest potential.