Case Study: US103: Caustic Saturated Concrete Repair

Couch pit before repair.

Stainless steel mesh to provide anchor for Renderpol.

Completed repair coated with Corroglass AR4.


Corrocoat’s ability to engineer a repair, manufacture the required materials, and carryout the application allowed for a quick and permanent repair. Corrocoat’s sole-sourced solution reduces project lead time while eliminating opportunity for misunderstandings or conflicting interests between different firms.


A tile lined concrete pit submerged at a pH of 14 required immediate repair and refurbishment. The repaired was required to be completed in the short term to prevent further damage and needed to be completed over a 36 hour shut down to limit downtime. Adhesion to the substrate was not possible due to the concrete being saturated with caustic, further complicating the repair process.


 The Solution:
The images to the left shows the the existing condition of the concrete, whilst the one below shows the finished repair work that was achieved by the following process:

  •  Abrasive blast the concrete and onto the surrounding tile to allow the repair to tie into the adhered tile.
  •  Attached stainless steel mesh to the concrete with
    concrete anchors.
  •  Apply Corrocoat Renderpol as a plaster over the mesh to provide a mechanical connection to the concrete.
  • Prime the tiles with Polyglass PPA prior to spraying all prepared surfaces with Corroglass AR4.

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