US125: Holy Roof Refurbishment

Resin Plant Process Water Treatment Tank

Client: Resin Plant

Application Date: Spring 2019

Scope of work: Client previously contracted for a competitor to blast and coat externals of a large process tank. Three months after completion, the customer found the contractor had blasted hundreds of hold in the roof of the tank and coated over them. This allowed rainwater to contaminate the contents of the tank. The client turned to Corrocoat USA to provide a solution.


Plasmet ZF

Corrocoat Epoxy Laminating Resin

Corrofill E

1.5 oz fiberglass cloth

Polyurethane Topcoat

Substrate: Carbon Steel

Coating System: 

– Vapor blasted the existing coating to achieve a commercial blast consistent with SSPC SP6.

– Surface primed with surface tolerant primer, Plasmet ZF (Red). 

– Fill in holes using Corrofill E, 100% solids, zero shrinkage epoxy filler. Resin Plant-Applied Corrocoat Epoxy Laminating Resin and 1.5 oz fiberglass cloth to laminate a composite fiberglass layer across the entire tank roof.

– Polyurethane topcoat applied to offer UV protection in a color which match the rest of the tank.